Badbea: Gallery One

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Before the ruins, someone photographed a Badbea dwelling. From the Archives of Alan Roydhouse, cared for by Tony Barton.

Courtesy of Christina Baldwin (descendant).



David Malcolm Sutherland, son of Alexander, initiated and funded the building of the Badbea Monument

Picture researched and obtained by Christina Baldwin (Badbea descendant).

"Badbea, clinging to sloping ground between the great sheep wall and the North Sea cliffs."

The Badbea Memorial (1)


The Badbea Memorial (2)  


The Badbea Memorial (3)  

The Badbea Memorial (4)

An earlier photograph of dwellings at Badbea. Held in the Alan Roydhouse Archive by Tony Barton.

Courtesy Christina Baldwin.


"The ruins of a Badbea homestead, where one of our ancestors' families once lived."

Photo courtesy of Jenny Clark, Australia.

"The Badbea Memorial was built from the stones of John Sutherland's ("John of Badbea") home."

Photo courtesy of Jenny Clark, Australia.


"Badbea landscape, showing the steep ground our ancestor's homes were built on."

Photo taken by Bryce Sutherland, Scotland.
"Caithness Field Party article, JOG 1977 This is the "Lawn". so painstakingly cleared of rocks and rubble by the ex tenants, for James Horne. It was not originally within the bounds of Ausdale Farm but those who looked at the dyke enclosing the lawn would have seen that it incorporated the cottagers' bothys in the construction, effectively forcing the tenants further up the waste hill and further towards Badbea".


"Close-up of 'The Emigrants' statue at Helmsdale, near Kildonan."